Let’s Talk About Brand

“Let’s Talk About Brand For Starters”

When people think of brand it can consist of a broad range of things such as a logo, website, colors, symbols, pictures and icons. I called these, the “Outside Brand” that most entrepreneurs pay the greatest attention to because they desire to impress their potential clients. There is nothing wrong with fixing up the outside of your brand because after all that is what customers initially see first, is that great big polished logo

If you are an entrepreneur that is serious about business then I think you ought to listen to a thing or two. Outside Brand is good but its not the only tool that drive your revenue. Do you want to know the secret ? Its “Inward Brand” which has a lot to do with what your customers experience after coming into contact with you, “The Brand“. In other words, you are the brand and when customers meet you, they are meeting the brand. So keep that in mind, matter of fact put a quarter in the meter and park right here. I am here with you, so listen up fellow entrepreneurs.

Brand is the promise you make to your customers about what your product or service can do to benefit your potential clients. For example, you own a automobile company such as BMW and you say that the car can run so many miles an hour, then you ought to be true to your word because your dear customers are counting on you not to let them down.

Once you let your customers down by breaking a promise, there goes your brand and now you have a unsatisfied customer that will most likely share that bad news about your brand. If you know your brand can’t do something then don’t promise it. Don’t be in business for the here and now but for the long haul. 



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