I can’t say this enough to my fellow Entrepreneurs that video gives customers an inside look into your brand and help them to determine the direction of purchase. Have you ever been out shopping for that product or service and you saw this dynamic video and that was the tool that hooked you to that particular product or service.

As Entrepreneurs, we must get inside of our potential customers heads and play the customer role on this journey. Do you delight in seeing video as a customer ? Then your potential customers would as well. Somehow, we think our brand is for us but in actuality, its for our customers.

While on this journey begin to build your brand for your customers by including video into your Marketing strategy. For those that are startups and lack funds begin to use Live Stream Video to grow your brand on a consistent basis.

Secondly, invest in promo videos for starters for special promotions that you can run out through the whole year so the video doesn’t go to waste. Finally, as you begin to grow your revenue invest in a Documentary video that paints a picture about your brand. These videos are very powerful because your not directly selling to the masses. In addition, people are more prone to inquiry about your service through  indirect selling. Overall, keep in mind that video can be your best friend for branding.





Video gives customer an inside look into your brand

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