Empowerment Sessions




VIDEOGRAPHY POWER HOUR                  PRICE: $150.00

We give you recommendations on the appropriate Video Style you should invest in according to your brand so that you can reach your target market. For example, Documentary, Testimonial, Interview, Promo, etc.


BUSINESS MENTORING                                  PRICE: $600.00

This class is for individuals that are starting new companies, we hold your hands for 2-4 months as you complete a comprehensive business plan. Our Business mentoring has been tailored just for individuals that lack direction and need support in starting their new businesses.



Starting a new Business and you don’t know where to begin.
Our Power Hour Session has been tailored just for individuals that lack direction and need support in starting their new business.
The Power Hour Session includes a Comprehensive Checklist(EIN#, Registration, Activity License, Tax Accountant#,etc.) and mini one-on-one walk-through of each item on the checklist.
The research is done for you no need to worry about missing a step in starting your business.


GENERAL BUSINESS ADVICE                              PRICE: $150.00

We help you with gathering specific information and pointing you in the right direction to make you successful in your business. For example, what, when, how and where and why.


WEB DESIGN ASSESSMENT                                   PRICE: $50.00

We offer a detail website assessment for your current website. We evaluate the font, background, color, pictures and style. In addition, we offer recommendations for upgrades.


SOCIAL MEDIA POWER HOUR                              PRICE: $150.00

We give you the tools to market your own Social Media effectively by providing you the tips on Brand strategy. Helping you to preplan your Social Media for Success.



Tri-Empowerment Bundle

This bundle include the prerequisites for success. *ABC’S OF STARTING BUSINESS *BUSINESS PLAN MENTORING *PLAN, PACKAGE, PRESENT For individuals starting businesses or missed key skills after starting their business.