Youth Video-Editing

To create a fun-filled environment for our youth so they can have the opportunity to tap into their creativity by role playing bullying prevention skits and implementing group participation while learning the industry of a Video-Editor.

Hello Everyone !
I am the founder of Creative Expressions Video-Editing Youth Enrichment Program and I am certified by the CDC on Bullying Prevention. I started this program because I had a burden for the youth in particular that have been killing themselves as result of being bullied.
I knew I had a call to help our youth because every time I would come across one of those articles that said a child hung his/her self it really bothered me deep down inside. I just couldn’t pass the article without feeling compelled to do something so I put my burden into action and now I am in the process of finding an organization that would be a good fit for my Pilot Program which is free.
I am really excited and hope to launch the program by the Fall. We are looking to connect with summer camps, after school programs, nonprofits, schools and community centers. We want to hang out where kids are at.
We will keep you posted. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us. Thank You !


Children will learn the industry of a Videographer through our hands. The take part in assisting the Media Producer in putting up the tripod and green screen equipment. 

Next, role play bullying prevention skits that will be recorded and a short video is produced by children and producer.
This program is ideally for middle schools children and plan to choose one organization for our pilot program. The pilot last for 3-5 days.




If your organization desire to partner/contract with our company to have this program at your local school, church, after school program or daycare center, please fill out the contact form below and we will respond within 48 hours.




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“Wow I did my own movie”